Restaurant Ewa Zaprasza - To Sasino for delicacies and hammocks - "Głos Wybrzeża"

Restaurant Ewa Zaprasza is located at the end of the world. Once someone, maybe in a rush of gallows humor, on the board with the inscription "Sasino" added the words "where the devil says goodnight". There's no "from-to" trail - a terrible bumpy road, the house overgrown with wild ivy, surrounded by a fence of wooden rails.

But at the weekends, eating dinner here without prior reservation is almost impossible.

The interior design has nothing to do with the typical glitz of most restaurants. If it is "a little colder" outside, there is a fireplace with cheerfully cracking wood in the main room. On the central wall is a row of historical books in a compatible neighborhood of an old typewriter and bells, that form part of a larger collection. The second room invites guests with the ticking of an old clock and the "janissaries" from the same collection. The whole restaurant is always, no matter the time of year, full of flowers. It is a remnant of the previous passion of Mr. and Mrs. Dmochowscy when they engaged in gardening and swore to themselves that there would never be any artificial plants at their place.

It often happens that the guests who come there for the first time, withdraw, thinking that by mistake, they ended up in a private apartment. It is because Restaurant Ewa Zaprasza has a family atmosphere. So is the decor and the service - it may not always be fully professional, but friendly, kind and discreet in every situation.

In the summer you can sit in the garden, by wooden tables surrounded by roses. For guests waiting for a table there are benches under cherry trees, and for those who "can no londer eat" and must digest eaten treats - hammocks.

Restaurant Ewa Zaprasza specializes in Polish cuisine with elements of French and Lithuanian ones. There are also some notes of other countries, because Mr. and Mrs. Dmochowscy bring a variety of scents and flavors of other cuisines from their trips and often introduce them to their menu. So we find in it both traditional Polish roast duck with apples, grilled knuckle, hare in cream with beetroot and boletus soup, and Burgundy snails, frogs' legs and Lithuanian cold beetroot soup.

Recently, the son of Mr and Mrs Dmochowscy along with his fiancée expanded the business with catering services. The restaurant offers the organization of receptions, business meetings, weddings, etc. So now you can try the benefits of their cuisine also at home or in your company.

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