IA Perfect Weekend of Manuela Gretkowska - Manuela Gretkowska Life is Beautiful Free newspaper supplement to Polska Europa Świat No. 2

(...) From Krokowa it is close to Hel, to the Kashubia and the village Sasino famous for its"Restauracja u Ewy." In order not to queue, it is better to book a place in advance - inside, in a garden with a little stream or on a hammock. Herring in mayonnaise served here as an appetizer is Polish sushi. The rest of the meals cost as much as a cup of tea in our capital city, and - pardon the Warsaw restaurants - you have to search a lot to find such goodies there. The guestbook is full of enthusiasm over the menu and praises for the enticing waiters. Their class and erudition raises suspicion that they are tutors from one of undercapitalized Pomeranian universities supported by Ewa.

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