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You cannot get here by accident. To a tiny village near the lighthouse in the Stilo leads a winding, bumpy road.

Ewa Zaprasza, according to some of the best rankings in the country, is called the best restaurant serving Polish cuisine. It is located in a plain cottage house. The thing I like here the most is trout Polish style or Fish the size of a small salmon, cooked in fragrant herbs, sprinkled with chopped hard-boiled egg and bathed in fresh butter.

The soups, soup or cold Lithuanian beetroot soup are excellent, properly prepared on broth with chopped roast calf. Broiled knucle with amber gold and bun-crispy skin also provides unforgettable experiences. It is accompanied by six homemade sauces, among which we should not miss Cumberland, sophisticated jam with red currants.

Try a mild brains Polish style and just as soft herring in mayonnaise sauce. They always serve it as a starter, a free bonus from the company.

Ewa is a family business of Dmochowscy, who in the late 70's and 80's migrated from Tri-City. Ewa is an art historian, her husband Marcin - an agricultural engineer.

When you enter their restaurant, you get the impression that you are in a private apartment: a few tables, a fireplace, a bookcase and engravings of a French artist Gustave Doré on the walls.

In the summer season you need to book a table in advance, because then the most popular are tables in the orchard surrounding the house. In summer evenings, the thing that tastes best here is a big piece of hot apple pie necessarily with a portion of whipped cream. If it happened (which, having a vast multitude of guests, is not that surprising) that they ran out of apple pie, please do not give up.

Meals here are eaten long and lavishly, so there is enough time for Ewa to bake the apple pie especially for you.

Interior 4/5
Cuisine 5/5

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