Magda Gessler - Wild strawberry

This place, well-known for years to residents and tourists is now owned by Łukasz, the son of Ewa, and his wife Hania. They both emigrated to London a few years back and due to this fact, they got to love Polish cuisine even more. Infatuated with Ewa's cuisine, they started to develop it and improve. Fortunately, the cuisine in Sasino remained simple and traditional, although it is difficult to deny its refreshing breath of modernity.

There I got the best herrings in the world, whose delicacy and brilliant taste is second to none. A perfectly fried, crispy piece of fresh Baltic cod was also phenomenally delicious. Try the pork ribs with beets and fresh marjoram, and if you're lucky, you will hit on Hania's cheesecake.

A warm place that is more like a home than a restaurant. The family atmosphere is reflected in every dish.

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